Artist Statement

I draw and paint intuitively and spontaneously, moving from chaos and void to order, balance and rhythm. I go with the flow, painting only something that I connect to, relate to, or something that comes from deep within. For me, art is like meditation and music. It blocks out all negativities and pressures, putting me in a state of “flow” (as stated by Mihaly).

I love to create using lines and bright, bold colours, often combining them. After I won a state level award in 1997 for “After Study”, a collage which was made using kite paper, a keen interest in collage and mixed developed. I like to work with mixed media and work with the “collage feel” even while painting. While working as a Designer, I frequently work with lines, dots, textures and mixed media, combining digital and manual mediums. I enjoy drawing freehand, where every freehand action, every mark created, leads to the next one, and next, creating a poetry with lines, a story in rhythm. The bright, vibrant colours and free-flowing lines and figures of the folk art, popularly known as Mithila or Madhubani painting, also inspire me.

To me, art is an expression of the self, communicating with the viewer though the underlying meaning that depends on the viewer, the audience and the interpreter. Knowingly or unknowingly, art has an impact on minds and societies, and influences not only the creator of the work of art, but also the viewer.

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